Brown Rice Sourdough Pan Loaf

Gluten Free Vegan Sourdough
Brown Rice Pan Loaf

Product Code: 110
Weight: 850 gram


Sourdough fermentation; Gluten free; Vegan; No refined sugar; No processed & modified starch addition; No additive & preservative; Low glycemic index; More bioactive compounds; Rich & satisfactory äroma & flavor. Ingredients having lower histamine level.*

Gluten Free Vegan Sourdough
Brown Rice Pan Loaf
Per 100 gr.
Nutrition Facts
Energy (kcal)222,35
Energy (kj)930,30
Fat (g)3,87
Saturated Fat (g)0,23
Carbs (g)42,91
Sugars (g)0,01
Protein (g)3,96
Salt (g)0,93

Gluten Free



Customized Artisan Handcraft

No Refined Sugars

No Processed & Modified Starch

No Additive & Preservative

High Ratio Natural Fiber

Low Glycemic Index

Low Histamine Options

Rich & Intense Flavor

Ingredients: Brown Rice Flour, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Psyllium Husk Powder, Sea Salt, Naturel Spring Water, Sourdough (Brown Rice Flour & Naturel Spring Water)

Food Allergy Warning: Includes no one of 14 most important food allergens listed by T.R. Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry.

*Low histamine materials were especially used for the baked item. Sourdough fermentation includes activity of yeasts & Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB). And LAB may produce some histamine and amine compounds (tyramine etc.) as a result of sourdough fermentation. Because the compound that trigger histamine intolerance may vary on each individual, precaution should be taken for whom suffer histamine sensitivity before consuming the baked item. Please consult to your doctor and consume quite few amount and watch your body response.

Weight: 850 gr

Proximate Product Dimensions: Width: 9 cm, Length: 23 cm, Height: 6,5 cm

Delivery Notes: Since each order is processed individually, finished products will be submitted to Cargo at 2nd day of the order that is received till 2 pm. Exact delivery time may vary due to distance and cargo jam. Forecasted distribution date may change from 3rd to 5th day of the order date.

Storage & Consumption Advice: Product should be consumed within 4-7 days after production date on label if stored at room temperature (24 °C); within 7-15 days after production date on label if stored at refrigeration temperature (4 °C); within 3-6 months after production date on label if stored at freezer temperature (-18 °C). Please be careful about any sign of spoilage before consumption due to probable temperature fluctuations that may deteriorate the foodstuff. 

Products to be stored at room or fridge temperature can be heated by slightly spraying water onto the surface to regain lost moisture. Because the product should not be frozen after thawing, products to be stored at freezer is advised to be sliced first and the amount to be consumed should be thawed.

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